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Mar 22, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. that is rule of law. if they were to break that for financing purposes that would be very, very different. cyprus when you compare that to the u.s. housing which is positive and may be offsetting in terms of what washington has taken away by tax increases and sequestration it is a small episode. >> let's dig deeper. do you think that the level of profit growth will not justify any real further expansion of the price earnings multiple or what? >> i would say the first part, yes. if you look at profits they are very, very strong and have been for a while but it is a maturing earnings cycle. also in this environment the u.s. economy is growing more like 2% and a lot less like 4 in that environment pricing is going to be challenged and the top line sales is not going to be universal for all firms. it will be balance sheet by balance sheet and case by case. security collection becomes far more important. >> i was going to say as you point out the profit growth picture has been pretty good but we are getting at the mature point in that cycle and the forecast is about 1% or 2% overall growth. th
Mar 18, 2013 4:30pm PDT
now from wall street to washington. this week, law makers are working toward a measure that keeps the government up past next wednesday that's when current funding runs out. but the real budget battle over long-term spending cuts continues. >> republicans and democrats in washington are still fighting over taxes and spending but they've agreed to keep the fight under control. house already passed a bill to keep the government running past the end of this month. now the senates preparing to do the same thing and there, the two parties aren't far apart on the details. >> we've con ens didded the number of amendments being talked about seriously. i commend them and their staff through all of their efforts. >> i spoke with them this morning. they've yet to reach an agreement. >> but the gap remains huge for a long-term plan for bringing government spending and revenue inline. >> they'll rede the entitlement programs but only if republicans agree to tax hikes and jepd speaker john boehner said the house's answer to that is no. >> the president got his tax heights on january 1st. the ta
Mar 25, 2013 4:30pm PDT
student loans are growing, passing late credit card payments for the first time. and federal law requires schools to collect and sometimes sue. unlike most forms of debt, you can't get out of a student loan, not even by declaring bankruptcy. but with delinquencies rising, they're getting more aggressive about collecting, including taking their alumni to court. we found cases filed by yale and the university of pennsylvania. a 35% jump from the year before. the university has declined to comment. graph hopes his case starts a dialogue. >> reporter: let's start to talk about why is college so expensive. what are we getting for our money when we put our money into these institutions? >> reporter: it's a conversation universitys are willing to have, but they also want their money. >> such a tough situation. first of all, a lot of these graduates, they have all this debt, and they don't have a job and even if they find a job, it's going to take a long time to pay or $60,000, $100,000 or more. >> this is why universitys are going online to reduce that. tomorrow, in part two of our series, sharo
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)